Calvary Episcopal Church came to us with a list of about 10 things they wanted to change on their old website and a pretty small budget. 


After taking a look through the list, we recommended two options. Option A would be for us to make the changes to the existing website. Option B would be for us to get them started with Squarespace through our PixelPress service so they could easily make these changes long-term at a much lower ongoing cost.

They happily accepted option B and we simply provided overall guidance as they built the new website. Before going live, we reviewed each detail and setting of the site to ensure search engines could properly read their content and that everything looked solid from a design perspective. Then we "flipped the switch" for them and configured all the domain settings. The new site should work well for years to come because all hosting, updates, maintenance, security, and support are provided by Squarespace (all less than $10/month).

Nice job Calvary team! Thanks for the opportunity to help you get your new site up and running. Visit

With the PixelPress team’s guidance we got our new website done in an efficient, timely, and budget-friendly manner. They attended to every inquiry with friendly and reliable support. We have been thoroughly satisfied with the final result and fully recommend their services.
— Heather, Calvary office manager