We like to make our process as simple as possible and have a little fun along the way. Most of our client’s need 2 to 4 months start to finish. Faster is possible depending our workload and your ability to provide content, quick feedback, and approvals at each step.

Online donations have increased significantly since the launch of our new website with PixelPress by BrandHoot. The service we received from start to finish was excellent and responsive. We are extremely proud of our new website!
— Seasons Hospice leadership team
Step 1

Step 1 - EXPLORE SOME examples

Check out some of our examples and client quotes.

submit website project request

Step 2 - Send Project Request or give us a call

In order to get started, please complete our project request form. This helps us ensure we understand your overall needs and are a good fit for your project. Get our phone number if you prefer talking first.

Step 3

Step 3 - preliminary meeting

After we receive your project request, we'll schedule a brief follow up discussion. Our goal at this point is to understand your specific goals and discuss budget. It's important to make sure we are the right partner to achieve your goals and that all your questions have been answered.

Step 4

Step 4 - Proposal REview

We will put together a proposed scope and timeline based on our discussions so far. Together, we can make adjustments if needed to ensure our plan fully reflects your short- and long-term goals.

PixelPress was by far the easiest and most seamless website design experience we have ever encountered. They broke the project into simple, manageable pieces, and then gave our team the necessary tools to take ownership and really make it our own. Stress free and WAY better!
— Tessa, Owner of Grand Rounds Brewing and Tessa's Office
Step 5

STEP 5 - Start

Let's go! We will schedule a kickoff meeting to review our project questionnaire. 

Most of the questions we will define are things like: “Who is your ideal customer?” and “What is the primary goal you wish to achieve through this website?” Your answers to these questions will drive our template selection and design decisions.

Our website project together will succeed by focusing on your unique goals and opportunities. We'll use a simple file sharing service to share project documents and other content throughout the project. You will also provide us with your logo and brand color scheme. If you don’t yet have a logo or branding scheme, we can start here.

Step 6

STEP 6 - build

Regular check-in and milestones will help keep our project on track as our team begins sorting out your content and organizing the visual layout into a draft version. We will request your feedback and collaboration as needed.

Step 7

STEP 7 - final review

Almost there! This is our last chance as a team to review every detail and make sure it's ready before going live. We'll also add Google Analytics tracking at this step.

I am confident you will be happy with the service PixelPress provides!
— Angela, H Dove
Step 8

STEP 8 - launch

Go live! We're ready to show the world and put your website to work. At this point, we will make sure you are given login access to your new website if you don't already have it. We will also provide one-on-one training to show you how to make changes. And unless you ask us not to, we will announce the exciting news of your new website through our social media channels, creating additional buzz and free market exposure for you.


Step 9 - Promote & Grow

Your fresh new website is simply a tool to attract and engage your target audience. Every component of your marketing strategy needs to be in sync and supporting your overall goals. Through our optional Growth Mapping service, we can review your analytics and social media impact regularly to provide you with practical insights and growth ideas.

I was surprised that even though it was a lot of work, I had fun working on the project and learning how to make my own revisions. It was so gratifying to see how it all came together. I really like the clean look of the website and how easy it is to navigate around.

Many months after launch, I am still so pleased.
— Cathy Nelson Music