This page is a collection of budget-friendly tools and resources for small businesses, startups, and non-profits. If you have any questions or suggestions for our list, feel welcome to contact us.



Google Alerts

We highly recommend setting up a Google Alert for your organization's name or any associated business. This will notify you if you are mentioned in any news story, blog, or other online content.

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Is your website accessible?

Quick and easy accessibility test with feedback:

Stock Media & Graphics

Free Stock images & related media

NOTE: please confirm your own licensing rights for free commercial use before downloading files.

Google Material Icons

Free icons by Google (do whatever you want except sell them, per licensing they provide).

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Easy way to create banners, social media graphics, presentations, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts.

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Clipping Magic

Instantly remove the background from an image.

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Promo Videos

Easily create promotional videos for a relatively low cost.

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Tailor, for Do-it-yourself logo design

Sometimes you simply cannot afford to hire a professional designer. Tailor is "logo design made simple" -- a way to create a logo on a small budget in just five minutes. If you like what Tailor creates, the tool provides multiple inexpensive purchase options (less than $100). You might even find a coupon code available here.

Although great branding and a unique logo are an important part of success, the most important element of success is a great product or service. Good branding can't fix a poor customer experience.

Sometimes all you need is a simple logo to help you get started and can't afford to hire a professional. Give Tailor a try. This might be just the tool you need.

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Google & SEO

Google My Business

This is probably the easiest way to get more customers from the internet! Google My Business is an essential way to ensure your Google map, phone number, and address are accurate, plus an opportunity to add high quality photos of your work that easily gets found in Google searches. 

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Find more Google free Google tools on our Growth Tips blog. See link below:

SOcial Media Marketing

FanCoach for Restaurants

FanCoach is "your secret ingredient for Facebook success" and an essential new tool for busy restaurants & cafés. FanCoach scans your Facebook page every week to tell you exactly what you're doing right and wrong, giving you specific post ideas, feedback, and bite-sized guidance to grow your Facebook page with less effort. It's like hiring a Facebook marketing expert at a fraction of the cost.

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Growth Mapping

Contact us to see if Growth Mapping is right for you.

Squarespace Web Support

Visit Squarespace Support for lots of helpful tips and tricks to easily modify your PixelPress by BrandHoot built website.

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Email Signatures

Free email signature generator -- simpler is better, because some email clients, especially Outlook, do not do a good job of presenting complex layouts.

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