Our business-savvy approach starts by asking questions and listening deeply, focusing on a holistic and happy solution for your success. 

Below are a few examples.



A growing medspa was looking for some updates to their Squarespace website. Despite their very positive client reputation, their old website did not have the pictures, features, and clean layout they needed to look great and compete more strongly in the local marketplace.


We dove right in, starting with a game-plan session to determine the best path forward. We ended up deciding to completely blow up their old website and start from scratch with a new Squarspace theme. From there, we designed and built every aspect of their website to get more consultations booked and improve search engine optimization.

We listened to their needs and made sure the end result is something they are proud to show off.

Since the rebuild, we’ve helped them with occasional design and website questions to make sure their website is one of their best marketing tools. Best of all, we had fun!
Visit agelessestheticsmedspamn.com

Great team, easy process, good ideas, and we love the results! Highly recommended!
— Ageless Esthetics Medspa team


As one of Rochester, Minnesota’s oldest downtown churches, the original website just didn’t do a good job of sharing the vision, values, and community engagement of the church. The old website was too hard to update, and not well integrated with their various tools (calendar, volunteer signup, email newsletter, etc.).


We dove right in, starting with a big-picture game plan session to determine both website and broader technology integration goals. An opportunity became clear to help the church leadership team improve their week-to-week workflow such as email newsletters, event coordination, volunteer signup, and a new online member resources center.

Together, we crafted a design vision that met all their goals and helped paint a picture of what church life at First Presbyterian is really like: dynamic, engaging, community-minded, and personal.

As usual, we are available to support the church leadership team, but their staff has been handling updates on their own with ease. We are grateful for another opportunity to serve a local organization. Visit fpcrochester.org

Wow, a big thank you to the PixelPress/BrandHoot team for your creativity, leadership, and really listening to what we needed. We look forward to your partnership for many years to come.
— First Presbyterian leadership team


Each of us has the right to experience a pain-free death with peace, comfort, and dignity. The original Seasons Hospice website was cluttered and difficult to update, hindering the Seasons Hospice team from fully sharing their message of hope and support during challenging times. Donation options were also difficult to find.


At the recommendation of a few board members, the Seasons Hospice team selected us to partner in creating a brand new website and online donation approach.

Together, we created a fresh, strategic, mobile-optimized and extremely easy-to-update website. Quick access to key information for healthcare providers and referrals was also brought to the surface through our strategy-first process.

As usual, we are available to support the Seasons Hospice team, but their staff has been handling most updates on their own, with ease. We are grateful for another opportunity to serve an impactful local service provider. Visit seasonshospice.org

We experienced a 176% increase in the number of online donations, and a 397% increase in the dollars raised online in the three months since launch of our new website vs. the prior period. Plus excellent customer service from start to finish!
— Seasons Hospice leadership team

The CHallenge

Majestic Tents and Events is a family business with a good reputation and strong Southeastern Minnesota roots. Their outdated WordPress website was hard to update and make changes. It was also not mobile-optimized, and navigating between some pages was messy.


Steve and Lisa asked us to help them solve their online challenges and build something that even a non-techy could edit. We worked with them to create a clean, modern, mobile-optimized and extremely easy-to-update website. We also included a touch-to-call button on mobile phones so customers can easily call them on the go. The new site should serve them well for many years to come because of our unique platform approach. All hosting, feature updates, maintenance, and security are included automatically by Squarespace for less than $10/month.

We enjoyed working with Steve and Lisa. Their product and service is clearly top-notch and we were grateful to be part of helping their business shine even brighter going forward. Visit majestictents.com

A BIG thanks to PixelPress by BrandHoot for making the process easy and producing a great new website. We have only just hit our busy season but are already ahead of last year’s bookings. Thanks again!
— Steve & Lisa, Owners


Linda Wortman is a survivor and strong advocate for lung cancer research. Her powerful message of hope, healing, and breaking stigma was limited by her outdated and clunky original website.


At the recommendation of several other BrandHoot clients including Mayo Clinic staff, Linda asked us to help them create a cleaner and more effective online platform. We worked with them to create a strategic, fresh, mobile-optimized and extremely easy-to-update website. The new site should serve Linda and team well for many years to come because of our unique platform approach. Now, we help Linda with occasional updates and web strategy consulting.

We enjoyed working with Linda. Her mission is important and we are grateful to be part of helping save lives, save lungs, and break stigma. Visit wortmanlungcancerfoundation.org

Thank you again for your great work! You listen, research, and think for each site you do...like no one else. Your thoughtfulness, compassion, and dedication are appreciated more than you can possibly imagine! I am grateful beyond words.
— Linda Wortman, Survivor & Founder


Ryan came to us with a pretty new website but was having a lot of trouble showing up in search engines. After further discussion, it became clear there were many opportunities for improvement beyond just the search engine issues. Design, navigation, and overall content were not doing a good job of telling how truly unique and exciting Pure Rock Studios is.


After some exploration by our team, we discovered many of the issues Ryan was facing stemmed from foundational elements of the original website. Together, we created a plan to not only fix the nagging issues but also take his business to the next level.

Improved contact forms, strategically placed calls-to-action, a video banner, and improved overall navigation were essential elements of our success plan. Google Analytics and user heat map tracking were also added to compare vs. the old site and discover opportunities for further optimization.

The new site is already creating more new student requests than Pure Rock's old site, and perhaps the greatest aspect is that Ryan can easily update content long-term (easier than WordPress) and spend less than $15/month for hosting, maintenance, security, and updates.

We also included some special mobile-only buttons for quickly calling Pure Rock, navigating, or checking hours on the go. It was fun working with Ryan and we are excited to see Pure Rock Studios continue growing in Rochester! Visit purerockstudiosmn.com

The PixelPress team knocked it out of the park with our website redesign. The entire process was a joy. From the design phase, to the step-by-step directions on how to edit content, the PixelPress team was extremely helpful. Since our expansion and new website, we have seen a 50% increase in new students. They exceeded my expectations. Great work!
— Ryan, Owner & Musician


Tessa came to us with an oh-too-familiar story. Making changes to their website was slow, expensive, and complicated. The old site was also broken from time to time because of the former web provider's neglect. Things had to improve.


We talked through their short- and long-term goals so that we could fully understand their needs and reimagine the new site in the most effective way possible. We needed to reflect the quality and variety of products Tessa's Office has on hand yet be extremely easy to update because of frequent inventory changes. Our solution solves these needs with a clean and intuitive design. We also included a touch-to-call button on mobile phones so customers can easily call them on the go. The new site should serve them well for years to come. Plus, all hosting, maintenance, and security are provided by Squarespace for less than $10/month.

We enjoyed working with Tessa, Karen, and team. We were thrilled to provide them an effective new website. Visit tessasofficemn.com

PixelPress was by far the easiest and most seamless website design experience we have ever encountered. They broke the project into simple, manageable pieces, and then gave our team the necessary tools to take ownership and really make it our own. Stress free and WAY better!
— Tessa, Owner


Cathy Tisel Nelson is a Rochester, MN based writer and singer of Franciscan music. Her longtime dream was to sell her music online rather than only through traditional means. Her customers and fans are located around the world.


We enjoyed planning and building a site for Cathy that provides easy-to-manage e-commerce along with the ability to listen to song samples on the website before purchasing. Cathy doesn't consider herself tech-savvy but was happily surprised with our patience and hands-on training that has empowered her to make changes on her own whenever she wants. Her website provides an extremely low cost of maintenance because all hosting, updates, maintenance, security, and e-commerce are provided by Squarespace for less than $30/month.

We are excited to see Cathy's music selling worldwide through her new website. Visit cathynelsonmusic.com

I would highly recommend PixelPress because of the great end product and the wonderful manner in which I was treated and responded to throughout the whole process. Many months after launch, I am still so pleased. Ten stars!
— Cathy Tisel Nelson


Insul-seal has a long history of high-quality American made pipe and PEX insulation solutions. Their website looked outdated and was very hard to edit, which made improvements difficult.


After reviewing their existing website and discussing overall goals and strategy, we worked with the owner and his team to create a fresh online presence that could easily be edited behind the scenes. Each page of their new site is focused on a specific buyer need or questions, and is mobile-optimized too. Now, we help the Insul-Seal team with occasional updates and strategy consulting.

We enjoyed working with Insul-Seal. Their products provide important functions and they believe quality matters. We do too. Visit insulseal.com

Thank you for taking such thoughtful care throughout our website redesign process.
— Insul-Seal team


CBL came to us ready for an easier to update website that functioned better on mobile devices too. Their old site was poorly maintained and broken in some places. A better method of collecting event registrations was long overdue and new branding was also planned after someone pointed out the old logo looked very similar to a popular beer company.


We talked through their short- and long-term needs so that we could plan and design the new CBL website in the most flexible and useful way possible. The new site needed to reflect the mission, vision, and values of CBL in a clear and organized way. We also set up an Eventbrite account to provide a simple online ticket purchase solution. The new site should serve them well for years to come because all hosting, updates, basic maintenance, security, and support are provided by Squarespace for less than $10/month.

We enjoyed working with the Christian Business Leaders team and are happy to provide ongoing guidance. Visit cblrochmn.com

BrandHoot has it figured out! It takes very little of our valuable time to access, edit, and update our website. They also provided impressive, complete and updated branding for our organization. True professionals!
— Steve Dawson, CBL President