4 Free Google Tools to Grow Your Business

The internet is a big place and your time is valuable. Here’s a short list of free Google tools you should be using ASAP if you aren’t already.

  1. Google My Business: stop losing thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. Ensure your map location, phone number, website, etc. are accurate and complete, and add fresh pictures to your search listing. One of our recent clients has more than doubled their online bookings simply by adding fresh pictures of their products and services. Find your business on Google Maps and click on “Claim this business” or go to google.com/business

  2. Google Alerts: automatically get updates on any articles, press coverage, or other online content about your company, your name, or any other keywords you choose. If you aren’t already using this great free service, start here: google.com/alerts

  3. Google Analytics: you probably already know about Google Analytics, but we recommend confirming that your analytics are indeed tracking properly and that you have full access to the data. Next, look for insights, such as your most popular pages. You might be surprised at what you find and be able to make better data-driven decisions right away. Start here: google.com/analytics

  4. Google Search Console, also known as Webmaster Tools: ensure your website is showing up as high as possible in Google searches by confirming that your site is being found correctly and that there are no errors. A simple but helpful SEO tool. Start here: google.com/webmasters

So there you have it. Four free Google tools that you can (and should) start using this week to grow your business.

Which free tool will you start using this week?