5 Smart Investments for a Healthy & Happy Office Environment

A happy and productive office environment is one of our keys to success. Consider ways to boost team morale with a few basic ideas.

  1. Good lighting: one of our favorite features of our new office is excellent natural light, paired with radiant hanging lights that fill our room with a happy glow all day. Multiple studies have shown that people get more done and feel better when the lights are right. Look for dim or unevenly lit areas of your office. Natural light is best if possible.
  2. Healthy snacks: we’ve committed to making sure our team is properly fueled throughout the day by providing unlimited, free, healthy snacks such as nuts and fruit. If someone wants candy or pop, they can bring their own. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone about the Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups in the cupboard.

  3. Ergonomic desks: one of the most exciting and appreciated investments we made at our new office are motorized stand/sit desks for everyone. When paired with our unique balance boards, chair options, or a padded mat, we finally have the ergonomic options we’ve always wished for. Sitting is the new smoking. Don’t ruin your health long-term by sitting all day. Invest in flexible workstations.

  4. Good tools: I have a strong dislike for subpar tools. Way too often, businesses are running on technology or tools that are either outdated or were never good in the first place. Ask your staff what tools they like and dislike in their workflow, and then spend the time and money to give them the best tools possible.

  5. Flexible hours: life happens, and giving your staff the flexibility to be adults and take care of their family and personal needs is not only nice to do, it’s good business. Employees that are less stressed will be more productive and committed to your company. Consider if there are any areas where you can introduce a little flexibility.

So there you have it, five ideas for a healthier and happier workspace. 

What do you like the most about your office? Leave a comment below.